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Rhino Tracking Safari

Rhino Tracking

One-of-a-kind Rhino Tracking Experience offered by Saruni Rhino

On foot Black Rhino Tracking experience in the remote regions of Northern & Central Kenya

Embark on a unique safari experience, a one-of-a-kind rhino tracking safari offered by Saruni Rhino. Track endangered black rhinos on foot, with your participation contributing to the conservation & protection of this iconic species. With 350,000 hectares of wilderness, Sera Community Conservancy is the first African Community Conservancy to own and operate a sanctuary for black rhinos.

The vast rhino sanctuary has been fenced in what is one of the most advanced conservation projects in Kenya. The expert Samburu guides game drive you a tracking distance away from the nearest rhino, leaving the vehicle and continuing on foot (very lightly to not give away our presence) to meters from the grazing rhino. The tension is palpable as you come across the rhino in such close proximity for the first time; heart beating, pulse racing, curiosity and excitement mounting – it doesn’t get more thrilling than this!

Explore an array of activities in addition to the on-foot black rhino tracking experience; from an excursion to the nearby ‘singing wells, spectacular bird watching, bush dinners, and game drives – there is so much to do when not in search of the elusive rhino!

Why we love this safari

One of the best conservation projects in Kenya whilst giving you an up-close experience in tracking one of the endangered species. This project is run by the community, your participation not only gives you unforgettable memories, but you also play a part in ensuring the well-being of this species

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