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Best and exciting Camel Safari

Camel Safari

Refreshing and Fun-filled experience

A Camel Safari is a Unique Safari experience with Samburu people in one of the most untouched destinations in Kenya.

One of the most refreshing and fun-filled experiences on Safari is exploring Kenya’s wilderness on a camel safari. Escape the constraints of a vehicle and lose yourself in the wilds where the camel train is the only traffic for miles. 

Walk out into the bush, with Samburu tribesmen and camels carrying the camp, or ride them through the dry riverbeds of Northern Kenya – you will walk or ride through some of the most remote and scenically beautiful lands in Northern Kenya. Northern Kenya consists largely of very dry land, which camels thrive in. This is a peaceful journey through a spiritual and historical wilderness.

Camelback safaris take place in northern Kenya’s Laikipia county. This mode of transport was (and still is) used by the Arab traders and has filtered down to northern Kenya’s Samburu and Turkana tribes. These gentle creatures have a soft nature as they quietly stroll through the arid landscape. Just like horseback riding, there is no disturbance to the wildlife on a camel safari. It’s a great way to get closer to the animals.

There are a few lodges and camps that offer camelback safaris, and they are traditionally found close to the northern frontier in Kenya’s Samburu country.

Why we love this safari

A camel safari is the ideal means of traveling through northern Kenya. The experience is unmatched, and you get to have an authentic trip accompanied by Samburu people, learning their ways and culture.

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